Global Peace Index 2023 Analysis

This data visualization presents a focused overview of the 2023 Global Peace Index (GPI), highlighting the overall GPI scores which serve as a comprehensive measure of global peacefulness. The GPI assesses various factors including safety, ongoing conflict, and militarization, across nations and regions. This particular visualization, while encompassing these broad aspects, specifically emphasizes the overall GPI scores to provide a clear, aggregated view of peace levels around the world.

Interactive Data Visualization on GPI 2023

Note on Reading Sunburn Chart: Click on 'World', 'Region', or 'Country' to zoom into specific areas. 

As you delve deeper, the chart displays overall GPI scores and factor scores.

Data Visualization Concept and Original Code by Sushobhan Parajuli

Re-coded and included more factor scores in the Sunburn Chart by Nischal Dhungel

Iceland, with a GPI score of 1.124, stands out as one of the most peaceful countries, whereas Afghanistan, with a GPI score of 3.448, stands out as one of the least peaceful countries in the world.

Overall Average GPI Scores by Region

Most and Least Peaceful Countries by Region

Most Peaceful Countries by Region (Overall GPI Score)

Most Peaceful Countries by Region

Least Peaceful Countries by Region (Overall GPI Score)

Oceania: New Zealand emerges as the most peaceful country in Oceania with a score of 1.313, while Papua New Guinea is the least peaceful in the region, scoring 2.095. 

Africa: Mauritius leads in Africa with a GPI score of 1.546, contrasting sharply with South Sudan's score of 3.221.

Asia: Singapore tops Asia as the most peaceful with a score of 1.332, in stark contrast to Afghanistan, the least peaceful, scoring 3.448.

Europe: Europe's most peaceful nation is Iceland, scoring 1.124, while Russia is the least peaceful, with a score of 3.142. 

Americas: In the Americas, Canada ranks as the most peaceful with a GPI score of 1.350, and Colombia is the least peaceful, scoring 2.693.

Notable Trends and Insights


The Global Peace Index 2023 highlights the complex and varied nature of peace and conflict across the globe. While regions like Oceania and Europe maintain high levels of peace, others, notably parts of Africa and Asia, continue to face significant challenges. GPI serves as an essential tool for policymakers, researchers, and global leaders, emphasizing the need for targeted peace-building efforts and proactive conflict-resolution strategies. In a time when global challenges are increasingly complex and interconnected, the GPI's role in fostering dialogue, understanding, and action on peace cannot be overstated.

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